Dairy Cows

“Good dairy cows produce more milk” is our slogan, and the selection of good dairy cows is an important part of our service to you!

Friesland is the origin of the Holstein Friesian dairy cattle and also the home of Firma Schaap. Since 1880 exporters of dairy cattle to the world of milk production.

Nowadays we select pregnant heifers from the Holstein Friesian population from different countries in Western Europe, but mainly The Netherlands and Germany.

Also we supply the milky-type -Simmentaler heifers and the beef breeds (Limousines, Angus, Charolais).




In Bulgaria we are represented by our local distributor:
1320 BANKYA, 73 Sofia street
PHONE 00358 889707017


In Romania we are represented by our local distributor:
Holland Agro Services SRL, Bucharest, Mr. Pieter Helfferich 0040728020532

In Holland both for Romania and Bulgaria:

You can reach us in Holland, Firma Schaap: Mr. Jan van der Tol, exportmanager 0031622499749



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